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FOSSIL (2021)

11 min. 21 sec.
1.33:1 (4:3)

An old man's vision of a drowning world is clouded. He decides to take radical actions inflicting damage to his surroundings. Instigating a self-destructive chain of events, coming from the dark abyss of his subconsciousness.

Best Animated Film (SS New York 2021)
Best Animated Film (Obskuur GFF 2021)


2021: Odense Film Festival, Cut To: Gent, Obskuur Ghent Film Festival, Super Shorts New York, Super Shorts London, Super Shorts Los Angeles, 2022: Brussels Independent Film Festival, Palm Springs International Animation Festival, Arthouse Asia, GrandOff World Independent Awards


2021: Ottowa International Animation Festival, 2022: Short Waves Festival,

The film is created in a painterly fashion as a symbolist-expressionist work which started during lockdown. These interesting times (Covid-19, global warming and polarisation) had a direct influence on the isolationist production. It has also been a personal technical practice, looking for a contemporary aesthetic style adopting computer graphics rendered in real-time, combined with a focus on classic cinematography which came out of a love for 50's & 60's Japanese movies. (Kurosawa & Mizoguchi). As well as a never-ending inspiration taken from the Belgian Symbolist Art movement. (Léon Spilliaert, James Ensor)

Film by Anton Cla

Music by Michiel De Naegel

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